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Jason Terry getting up extra shots after practice. He’ll sleep we’ll in John Wall’s game shorts tonight.

As a player, you want to win. That’s when your name lives on. I want my son to remember his dad playing in the NBA, and how you do that when your kid’s so young is by playing on a team that wins.
Boston Celtics power forward Brandon Bass. Read the full story here.
It didn’t take me long to embrace being a Celtic. I hate whoever they hate. The Lakers are number one up there and the Heat aren’t too far behind. Doc tells us every day to think about the Heat. Not only does he tell us, but the film plays over and over if you go to the practice facility. Before practice and after practice, that series [2012 Eastern Conference Finals] is playing over and over on the television. We start off the season against them (Oct. 30 in Miami). Obviously the road to the championship goes through the champions and that’s the Miami Heat. I take it on. I take it on personally. This is just a part of me, my make up, and my character. I’m just so happy to be on a team with guys who are just as passionate as I am because that’s how I play every day. You know Kevin Garnett is probably the most passionate guy I’ve ever been around. I’ve only been around a month and a-half, but he plays the way I do.
Boston Celtics guard Jason Terry

“The black mamba is the world’s most deadliest snake: One bite and you’re dead. The white mamba is the world’s most dormant snake: He just chills; he just watches and chills.” Clearly, Brian Scalabrine is the Kobe Bryant of broadcasting. It’s about time someone starts breaking down real NBA issues like this. (h/t Beyond the Buzzer)


It’s already basketball season at The Other Cubicle. Check out the brand new episode “The Dunk.”

"Dunking like a Mogwai"

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Jared Sullinger isn’t easily fazed. Not even when they called him and the other Celtics rookies in front of the entire organization during a team dinner and made him sing his favorite song: Jay-Z‘s “Public Service Announcement.”

Check out my swag’ yo, peep the way I wear it
No matter where you go, you are what you are player
And you can try to change, but that’s just the top layer
Man, you was who you was ‘fore you got here

Fitting. Sullinger isn’t intimidated by a team full of headstrong veterans whose system has produced one championship, two NBA finals appearances and three Eastern Conference finals showings in the past five years, and that’s because his basketball journey started almost from the day he was born.

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If you’re sitting over here bullshitting, they tend to bullshit. That’s why I don’t really talk a lot. I like to be the example. Anything after practice that I can help them with, I kind of pull them to the side and show them different things. We watch a lot of film in the locker room and talk. For these young guys, man, I just try to be there for when they need me. I’m not a guy to push myself on anybody, but anything that they want to know, anything that they’re having trouble with, I try to be accessible to them.
Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett on mentoring younger big men (video here)
We’re a month and a half into this process. And it was all [Rajon Rondo]. He’s the leader of this team. And him bringing us together meant a lot because, as you can see, our chemistry is pretty good out there, guys knowing where to be and when to be there.
Celtics guard Jason Terry

The Top 10 moments from Celtics Media Day.

"You’re talking about a guy who you’re now making a part of your future who Oklahoma City knew they couldn’t win a championship with. He doesn’t have a position. He doesn’t rebound it well enough to be a power forward, he doesn’t shoot it well enough to be a small forward, he isn’t quick enough to be a small forward, so you can’t replace Kevin Garnett and you can’t replace Paul Pierce. So not only do you overpay him, but you don’t get an [injury] exclusion on the heart?”

A rival NBA GM on Jeff Green's four-year, $36 million deal with the Celtics. Ouch.